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Already Registered Users

If you find the message that, the Mobile Number is already registered with us, it means that you previously have had registered for the examination.

Now that you have to register for the new vacancies, you does not need to fill the registration form once more and go through the long procedure but all you need to do is sign in to the User Panel with the login details that was previously provided to you for the examination.

Find the Registrations option in the Examination Schedule tab and click to open it. You find that all the details about you is already mentioned there and now you just need to select the post to register. Hit the Save button and you land up to the Payment Confirmation page. Complete the payment through the online transaction and registration is done.

Pending Payment Link

The new users who have registered for the single post previously and now has changed the mind to register for the remaining post can also update the same by the above mentioned procedure.

The users who still have their registration incomplete could resume the process from the Pending Payment Email sent to the Email ID entered in the Registration Form. If not found in the Inbox, check the Spam folder.