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Encountered some issues, don't worry, here is how you could troubleshoot yourself.

Sign in & Reset Password

If you are having trouble while signing in the user panel or resetting the password, try the steps below.

Unable to open the link for the user panel.?

The user panel link could be easily found in the top menu of the home page, named as Login. Just a simple click and you land up on the Sign in page. Enter the username i.e. the registered mobile number and the password.

The Username or Password entered is incorrect.

This might be due to several reasons and the most common is the human error while entering the password. To minimize the human error while entering the password, we have strategically providing only the numerical passwords that can be entered easily even by the nonprofessional. Check the details sent to the registered mobile number or the email id and retry to sign in again.

Resetting the Password

If the candidates have accidentally deleted the password, or lost the details by mistake from both the registered mobile number and email id, they could easily reset the password on their own without contacting the support team. Simply click on the reset password link on the Sign in page and enter the registered mobile number or email id, whichever you are comfortable with or accessible in hand. Hit the send button and within few seconds, you receive the new password.

The numerical password could be difficult to remember and the best practice is to change the password that you could remember easily. All you need to do is, Sign in as soon as you receive the password after registering successfully with our organization. After signing into the user panel, find the option to edit the profile and change password, in the top right corner of the user panel. The new password could be anything with alphanumeric and special characters.

Forgot the Username / registered Email ID

If the candidate have forgot the username, i.e. the mobile number and the registered email id provided at the time of registration, and then you get the message, as “The Mobile Number or Email ID is not found in our records”. In this case, you need to contact to our support team via any means, i.e. Email Support or Telephonic Support and ask them to provide you the Username details.

Job Application Form

The job application form has certain rules due to which, the candidates could face trouble while applying. The few fields has restrictions that are mentioned below.

The selection of Gender is simple. All you have to understand is the color displayed. The Yellow color indicates the availability of the option and the green indicates your selection. By default the selection is on the third option i.e. Transgender. Yes, you are right, we accept the job applications from the third sex and do not discriminate the human race.

The very first thing mentioned above the form is that all the fields mentioned below are mandatory to fill. The Email ID entered should not be used earlier, and if it already exists then, a popup appears stating that the message to use another Email ID. The Email ID check is necessary because all the alerts for the examination and payment acknowledgement is sent to the registered Email ID.

Similarly, the mobile number is considered as the username in our system and hence the username is always unique. If the popup shows that the mobile number already exists, then you have had already registered with us earlier and now if you want to apply again for the fresh vacancies, then you are asked to Sign in to the user panel. In the user panel, there is an option named “Apply for Job” in the “Examination Schedule” tab. All the required details are given on the right side of the application form with screenshots, so that the not so tech savvy people could also understand easily.

The next field that could trouble you is the selection of post. If you’re and Undergraduate, then you only have the option to apply for the post of Field Officer. Therefore, the post of Supervisor and Manager is shown in Grey that indicates the unavailability of the post. If you’re an graduate, then select the same from the dropdown menu and as soon as you select Graduate, the post of Supervisor and Manager turns yellow, that indicates the availability of the post. On selecting the multiple post, the field turns green that indicates the selection and Amount field reflects the sum of registration fees according to the calculation Rs. 295 per post.

The last field in the application job form that could trouble you is the Passport Photo upload, where the restriction is the size of image, i.e. 50 Kilobytes.

Recommended Browser

We recommend to use Google Chrome as your browser to open our website as it supports all the functionalities with our website and ensure the best security. The selection of post might not work properly in some browsers like Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge.

User Panel – Application Form

If you have had already registered with us earlier and now if you want to apply again for the fresh vacancies, then you need to Sign in to the user panel. In the user panel, there is an option named "Apply for Job" in the "Examination Schedule" tab. When you open it, you see that all the details is already filled up and now you just need to select the post for which you are applying now this time. If you want to update your Passport Photo then you could do that and hit save, that will take you to the payment confirmation page and the rest you know it very well. Pay through the payment gateway as you have done it earlier and it is done.

Pending Payment Information


How to complete the Pending Payments by the Payment Link form the Email.


The candidates who have applied for the vacancy but abort the payment process due to any reason have their registration form saved in the ‘Pending’ status. Those candidates are given a chance to complete the pending payment to confirm the availability of online examination and a payment link is sent to their respective Email ID by which the candidate can resume the payment procedure. The screenshot of the "Registration Incomplete" E-mail is shown below and as mentioned, the candidate needs to click the "Proceed to Payment" link, which takes the candidate back to the "Complete your Registration" page where they left the registration.


If you do not find the Email or accidentally deleted the same then, contact our support team and request for the “Payment Link”. Mostly the email could be redirected into the Spam folder of Email. Pending Payment Mail is similar and is use to complete the registration.

The candidates have to take a precaution measure that the confirmation of the pending payment is successfully reflected in to your account and you receive a text message / email for the successful registration for the online examination with KVK Agri Products Limited.



The examination starts exactly on the time mentioned in the schedule. If you try to open the examination before or after the allowed time, it shows you the warning.

There are two attempts given for the reasons like power failure or browser crash. If the examination is interrupted once then the candidate needs to ensure that whenever he / she resumes the exam, they should complete the same. In the second attempt, the questions answered are saved automatically and the remaining questions are replaced with the new one. The time used in the previous session is also deducted and the time remaining is shown in the second attempt.

As the special case, we may consider the multiple power failures, server error in the results or any such conditions where no one is responsible for the act. In that case, the Customer Service Associate might Re-grant you the examination after inspecting the case.