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KVK Agri Products Limited is a growth-oriented organization, which works with small & marginal farmers for their empowerment and improvement of their current socio-economic condition through innovative ways of farming. Working with our organization develops your skills and utilize it in a fruitful manner in the practical life.

We are Hiring..!

KVK Agri Products Limited works for the welfare of Farmers and make them understand the new techniques to maximize the benefits. As everyone is aware of the fact that in India, the occupation of the maximum population is Agriculture. The area covered by the agriculture land is far beyond as compared to the non-agriculture land. Therefore, India being an agriculture-oriented country has the primary occupation of agriculture and it is correct to expect good production of food materials to make India a self-sufficient country with minimum imports and maximum goods to export. It is observed that the large amount of farmers follow the traditional teachings as taught by their ancestors, which were good at their times but now the climatic conditions have changed drastically in recent times. The farmers need to adapt the new techniques according to the present climatic conditions and soil mineral composition. Most of the population having agriculture as their primary source of income is living in the small villages and nearby towns. Our mission is to reach out to the innermost remote areas where the farmers are living with very limited facilities and make them educate about the new techniques of farming, various schemes and help in every manner possible. There is huge area to cover and to fulfill this requirement we need the human resource.

Our requirements of Human Resource

As we need to reach out to every bits and cranny of various states, we need the KVK Associates to operate in every Village, Tehsil and District. It depends on the state where we are hiring, as each state differs in the number of districts, tehsils and gram panchayats. The smooth operation is ensured by dividing the work and responsibilities in such a manner that the flow of work is not interrupted by any reason. We are hiring at least one Field Officer in every Gram Panchayat, One Supervisor in every Tehsil and One Manager in each District. Summing up all, we require a huge amount of Human Resource to make our reach to the deepest and innermost areas possible. We are growing day by day and so is our work and the requirements of resource.

What are we looking in the Candidates

We are looking for the young, smart, dynamic and versatile candidates who can work efficiently irrespective of the conditions and give their maximum input to fulfill the responsibility given to them. The candidates should have decision-making abilities to tackle any situation coming into the way while working and could manage the work properly. The minimum qualification for the post of Field Officer is any undergraduate i.e. 10th / 12th or any equivalent diploma. The qualifications for the post of Supervisor and Manager is at least graduate in any stream with basic computer knowledge.

Recruitment Procedure

We here at KVK Agri Products Limited have a very clear, simple and transparent recruitment procedure. At first, the candidates those are eligible for the vacancy, register through online registration form and the enrollment fees is paid online through payment gateway. Online Examinations are scheduled for the vacancies registrations received and the result for the same is displayed immediately. If the candidates gets fail, then there remains no scope of any considerations or any kind of back door entry even if the vacancy for that region remains unfilled. Please do not entertain any person who guarantees a placement in KVK Agri Products Limited and demands money for the same. KVK Agri Products Limited would not be responsible for the loss of money of any candidates who gets into the trap of fraudulent persons or institutions.

The stepwise procedure for the recruitment is mentioned as below.

  • Registrations for the vacancies through our website.
  • Online Examination - Open Book Test.
  • Document verification and various rounds of Interview for the candidates who pass the exam.
  • Training sessions for the new recruits.
  • Ready to hit the floor.

The further details for the recruitment can be collected from our Support Team.

Salary structure

The salary structure we have at KVK Agri Products Limited is as follows.

Field Officer – Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 12,000

Supervisor – Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 18,000

Manager – Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 22,000

Detailed Salary for the candidates with all the clauses explained would be mentioned in the offer letter after the final selection of the candidate.

Where are you placed, when you clear all the qualification rounds?

We very well understand that the primary focus of human being is to work at any place near to home. The region where we have grown, which is familiar to us is the best place to work. The feeling of being near to home reduces half of the work stress and the other basic needs like communication language, lodging, diets are not compromised. Keeping that in mind, we focus that our new recruits should be at their best comfort so that they could channelize the energy and give the maximum input to work.Other than this, it also depends on the candidate and the Interview after which our HR Team will finalize the location.

Operational Procedure

The operational procedure of KVK Agri Products Limited comprises of the various steps, and the very basic step is the recruitment procedure that is mentioned above. The detailed operations will be explained in the training sessions for the new recruits. The brief overview of the roles of the various ranks are mentioned below.

Roles of Field Officer

  • Visit his/her area of work, explain the benefits of the Kisan Vikas Card and register the farmers.
  • Distribute the Kisan Vikas Card after conforming the registrations of the farmers.
  • Visit his/her area of work, and arrange training for the farmers, regarding the use of fertilizers, other knowledge base update.
  • Arrange the demonstrations of the products for the farmers and make sure that the farmers from his/her area of work are present in the demonstration program.
  • List the issues of the farmers related to the farming and use of products and mention the same in the farmer meeting on behalf of the farmers.
  • Provide the farmers with the products they request for the use in fields at the discounted rate for the registered members.
  • Explain the benefits of the Accidental and Crop Insurance and help them in applying for the same.
  • Report the Supervisor of his/her area at regular basis and in case of any issue.

Roles of Supervisor

  • To look after the performance of the Field Officer of his/her areas.
  • To keep track of the availability of the products in the Stock Points of his/her areas.
  • Issue the Kisan Vikas Card after conforming the list of the Farmers from various regions under the given area of work.
  • Execute the training sessions at regular basis as scheduled by the field officers from his/her area of work.
  • Give live demonstrations of the products and new techniques to the farmers as scheduled by the field officers of his/her area of work.
  • Schedule farmer meetings for his/her area of work and discuss with the Manager for the tentative dates.
  • To resolve any issues / disputes (if any)
  • Report the Manager of his/her area at regular basis.

Roles of Manager

  • To look after the performance of the Supervisor of his/her areas.
  • To keep track of the availability of the products in the Stock Points of his/her areas.
  • Ensure that the training sessions and demonstrations sessions are conducted at regular basis in the areas assigned.
  • Maintain the records for the registrations of the Kisan Vikas Card.
  • Maintain the records for the distribution of products and plans various promotional strategies.
  • Conduct farmer meetings to discuss the issues with farming and the related solutions. Also, organize miscellaneous activities to promote the farmers to participate in large volume.
  • To resolve any issues / disputes (if any)
  • Report the Company Office of his/her State at regular basis.

Everything about applying for the examination..!

The registration for the vacancies at KVK Agri Products Limited is accepted online and the payment for the same is done online by options like debit card, credit card, net banking through payment gateway. The next step is to open the link of Registration Form by clicking the “Registration” button below or on the Home page.

The information provided in the registration form should be correct and perfectly genuine, that is recommended by the KVK Agri Products Limited. The future processing of the registrations can only be possible if the information is genuine of the candidate applying for the vacancies. In addition, the payment details and other alerts of the Online Examination, Result and Interview Call Letter is sent to the Email ID and registered Mobile Number.

The candidates who provide scrap or false information in the application form do not receive the registration, payment and examination alerts unless and until the candidate contacts to the support team and request the Customer Service Associate to modify the information. The candidate who do not provide correct information do not receive the details of the registration, payment and all the examination alerts. It is the responsibility of the candidate to enquire about the registration details and examination schedule. If the candidate fails to approach the Support team and ask the Customer Service Associate to modify his/her information before the commencement of the examination and is unable to attempt the examination, the KVK Agri Products Limited is not responsible for those candidates.

If there is a large volume of candidates who have successfully registered for the examination but did not attempt the examination due to any reason, are given chance to attempt the examination if the KVK Agri Products Limited board of Administration decides to conduct the Re-examinations. The Re-examinations are scheduled after closing all the examinations of various ranks and the alert for the same is updated in the News Feed section of the website before the commencement. Candidates who fail to appear for the Re-examination losses the opportunity to attempt the examination and as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions of KVK Agri Products Limited, the Registration Fees is non-refundable. For any such cases, KVK Agri Products Limited is not liable to pay the registration fees back into the account of the candidate. Any request for the chargeback is stand cancelled.

Instructions for Registration Form

The very basic thing necessary while filling any application form is to enter the valid, genuine information in a proper manner. We insists you to read all the information provided on the website and make sure that the application form you are going to fill belongs to a genuine organization about whom you have the information. If at any time, you are not satisfied with the information on the website, do not worry, as our support team is there to help you out. We are just a phone call away and all the information you want to know is provided by our Customer Service Associates.

Receive all the alerts..! Provide your own Email ID and Mobile Number.

The candidates are requested to avoid filling the scrap information as this could affect them in the further procedure and may face many un-wanted problems. The next major mistake the candidates does is to give the Email ID of any third person he/she knows, as they do not have their own Email ID. In addition, the similar thing happens while providing the Mobile Number, and they miss all the alerts and have to take the pain to call our support team and request for the mobile number change just few days before the examination. What we want to say to those candidates, that they are applying for the vacancy and if they were selected, the Mobile Number and Email ID would be the pre-requisite for any kind of vacancy on this earth now a days. Therefore, it would be good if you have your own Mobile Number and Email ID, so that we could contact you easily and keep in touch by sending all the alerts and information. If you do not have an Email ID, then you can create one in few minutes on any platform like Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Hotmail, Outlook etc.

Where do you stay.?

The address of correspondence is necessary in case we need to send you some documents, like offer letter and contact you in the future by postal service. Therefore, it is required to fill the detailed address with postal Pin code.

Let see, How do you look.?

The next mistake usually observed is in the uploading of the Passport Photo. The candidates are requested to check the message displayed below the upload section of the application form, where it is clearly mentioned that the Image size should not exceed 50 KB [Kilobytes].

Benefit of applying for multiple post

The candidates those are eligible to apply for multiple post i.e. graduate in any field can have the benefit of applying for all the post i.e. Field Officer, Supervisor and Manager. This increases the probability of the candidate to clear at least one of the examination and get qualify for the next round. The candidates who have their maximum qualification as undergraduate are eligible for the post of Field Officer only.

How to complete the Pending Payments by the Payment Link form the Email.

The candidates who have applied for the vacancy but abort the payment process due to any reason have their application form saved in the ‘Pending’ status. Those candidates are given a chance to complete the pending payment to confirm the availability of online examination and a payment link is sent to their respective Email ID by which the candidate can resume the payment procedure. The screenshot of the "Registration Incomplete" E-mail is shown below and as mentioned, the candidate needs to click the "Proceed to Payment" link which takes the candidate back to the "Complete your Registration" page where they left the registration.

The candidates have to take a precaution measure that the confirmation of the pending payment is successfully reflected in to your account and you receive a text message / email for the successful registration for the online examination with KVK Agri Products Limited.

How do you know Examination details from website..!

The examination details are shown in the News Feed section displayed on the Home Page of website. The News Feed section keeps updating on the regular intervals and every bit of notification regarding the vacancies and examination is displayed in advance, so that the candidates gets to know what’s happening at KVK Agri Products Limited.

Examination Syllabus

The examination syllabus for all the post is same. The detailed list of topics on which question are asked in the examination is given subject wise in the below document. The link to download the syllabus is also sent with the registration email, when the candidate successfully registers with KVK Agri Products Limited. The candidate can download or could print the syllabus according to his/her needs.

Download Syllabus Link.

Study Material

The study material provided to the candidate are the sample questions from each subject, so that the candidate gets the idea of what type of question are asked in the examination. The study material are only the sample questions and the candidates are requested not to get confuse that the questions asked in the main examination are only from the study material. The questions asked in the main examination might contain few questions from the study material, and it is not compulsory that the few question would be selected in the main examination. A software algorithm selects the questions asked in the main examination randomly. Therefore, the questions asked in the main examination differs for every candidate.

Download Study Material Link.

Online Examination Portal

The candidate can login the User Panel of the Online Examination Portal where they could find all the details like syllabus, study material and in addition could edit his/her profile and change password. The Start Examination link is displayed on the dashboard of the User Panel where the candidate could directly start the examination. If the candidates forgets the password for the User Panel, they could directly reset the password from the login page, without worrying to contact the support team and speaking to our Customer Service Associates. If the candidate needs to register for the next round of examination, i.e. if he/she needs to apply again for the vacancies remaining, they do not need to fill all the details again but just need to login into his/her account and select the post to apply, and proceed to pay.

Online Examination Link.

Instructions of Examinations.

  • Examination time is from Morning 10:00 till evening 18:00. Candidate can open the exam in between the given time. Please do not open examination from Android Mobile Phones. You may face difficulties. 
  • The Language of Examination is English. No other options are available. Translation is not provided.
  • There will be 50 questions in the Main Online Examination each question carries one mark.
  • For every correct answer, one mark added to score and for every incorrect answer, one mark is deducted i.e. negative marking for the incorrect answers.
  • The questions asked are of objective type with multiple options, out of which there is only one correct option.
  • The time duration for the examination is of 45 minutes.
  • It is an Open Book Examination i.e. the candidates can refer the books while attempting the examination. Once the question is attempted, it cannot be Unpick, so please be sure before choosing the answer.
  • If the examination is interrupted due to reasons like power failure, crashing of browser or computer etc. can be resumed by logging into the user account and the Candidate can complete rest of the questions. In that case, the un-attempted questions are changed and the time utilized in the previous session of attempt is deducted.
  • The maximum limit for resuming the examination is 2 times.
  • Please save the answer before exiting the examination by clicking Final Save at the bottom of the examination paper.


Admit Card

The username and password provided to the candidate by the text message and to the registered Email ID is the Admit Card for the examination. The candidate is therefore ask to fill his/her genuine information in the Email ID and Mobile Number section of registration form.

User Panel Dashboard

The User Panel Dashboard looks like the screenshot shown above and as you can see, it is very user friendly.

Start Exam Box: The candidate could start the exam by clicking on the Start Exam Box. A Popup appears that displays the list of examination from which the candidate needs to select the examination to attempt and hit Start Now.

After selecting again, a Popup appears with the conformation message to start the examination. Once the examination paper is displayed, the candidate attempt is counted and there are only two attempts for the candidates to attempt the examination. The option of second attempt is given for those candidates whose examination is interrupted by the browser crashing or power failure.

Upcoming Examination: The candidates could see the list of the examinations he/ she has applied so he could know the details and prepare for the exams.

View Syllabus: The candidates can view the syllabus for the examination where the topics in detail are mentioned from which the questions could be asked in the Main Examination.

View Results: The candidates who have missed the results link that is displayed after completing the examination do not need to worry as they can directly click on the View Results Box and find the result. The candidates can view the scorecard of the result.

View Instructions: The candidate can read the Instructions for the examination before appearing for the examination, so that he/she could avoid few mistakes in the examination. It is advisable to the candidates by the KVK Agri Products Limited to go through the Instructions of the examination before starting the actual examination. If the candidates does any mistake in the examination and blame the organization for not providing the information, the organization will not be responsible for the loss in any manner of the candidate.

Examination Center

The examination center for the online examination is anywhere, any place with a perfectly fine personal computer with a good working Internet connection. The candidates do not need to travel miles to attempt the examination. They could give the exams from the comfort of home or any Internet Café near to home. The need of camera is not required, but just check that the Internet Café has the arrangement of power backup in case of power failure.

Register for the Vacancy