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About Us

How did KVK Agri Products Limited help changing lives of people...!

KVK Agri Products Limited came into effect when there was need of such an organization that could come forward to help in the improvement of lower and middle class families. We took a small step to help small and marginal farmers in every way possible to empower and improve the current socio-economic condition through innovative and new techniques of farming. In present time, the word Farmer refers to a man surrounded with infinite mental trauma, who has to deal with thousands of uncertainty and ends up with negligible revenue.

KVK Agri Products Limited helps to the farmers to minimize uncertainty by using the farming technique suitable with the current climatic conditions and maintaining the soil quality with the measured use of fertilizers. In addition, we provide the support resources offered by government, demonstrate the use of product, and suggest the best way for farming looking at the soil quality to maximize revenue, which makes the farmer financially stable.

What we do at KVK Agri Products Limited...!

We at KVK Agri Products Limited created an eco-system to uplift the standard of living of the lower and middle class people by giving an opportunity to improve their financial condition, so that they get good returns for the work they do. Hence, the target audience where we focus our vision of improvement is the small and marginal farmers who are struggling hard for the daily basic livelihood and the unemployed people especially the undergraduates who are easily rejected by the firms, as they do not have the enough qualification to prove their metal. Therefore, both the motto are achieved if they work in an eco-system where they help each other and create better opportunities for the living.

We are still Hiring…!

Human Resource recruitments are still open and the pre-requisite is to clear the Online Examination after which the candidates get qualify for the next round. More information in detail on the recruitments, registration for vacancy, roles of various post and everything about the examination are there in the Careers page.

Online examinations of couple of batch of candidates had been successfully conducted and those candidates who have cleared the examination are in pipe-line for the recruitment.

Our products and services...

All the agriculture related products that are generally used by the farmers are provided at the discounted rate. The field officer demonstrates the products benefits, correct quantity and procedure to use the product in the training sessions. The products are delivered at the doorstep to all the farmers who register for it and a special discount is given if they have the Kisan Vikas Card. Knowledge base information on the below mentioned subjects are given in the regular sessions by the supervisors and managers.

Our Goals

Regular Training Sessions


Organic Farming

Crop Insurance

Soil Treatment

Seed Treatment

Soil Sampling

Crop Rotation

Broadcasting (Over sowing)

Pattern based Sowing Farming

Faulty Techniques

Natural Gas

Mixed Cropping

Plant Protection

Agricultural Mechanism

Thanks to the community of KVK Agri Products Limited

"We owe a huge thanks to our community for joining us on this awesome journey, and we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story."