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Frequently Asked Questions

Find all your general queries here, and if there is something more you want to enquire, then our Support Team will take care of you.

Q] Tell me about the organization “KVK Agri Products Limited”

A] KVK Agri Products Limited is a Public Limited Organization whose Registered Office is #25, Belgaon, Post Jam, Tehsil Sausar, District Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. 480106. The Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is U01100MP2015PLC034265 Place: Sausar, District. Chhindwara.

Q] Which type of organization is “KVK Agri Products Limited” a Private or Government?

A] KVK Agri Products Limited is not Private Limited organization, but it is a Public Limited organization.

Q] Where is the Office located?

A] The Registered Office is located at #25, Belgaon, Post Jam, Tehsil Sausar, District Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh. 480106.

Q] How many vacancies are there in the organization?

A] We have vacancies for one Field Officer in every Gram Panchayat, one Supervisor in every Tehsil and one Manager in every District. The number of vacancies remaining is updated on the website on regular basis and the candidates could get the idea about the vacancies from his/her area.

Q] What kind of work we need to do for the organization?

A] The brief overview of the roles of the various ranks are mentioned below.

Roles of Field Officer

  • Visit his/her area of work, explain the benefits of the Kisan Vikas Card and register the farmers.
  • Distribute the Kisan Vikas Card after conforming the registrations of the farmers.
  • Visit his/her area of work, and arrange training for the farmers, regarding the use of fertilizers, other knowledge base update.
  • Arrange the demonstrations of the products for the farmers and make sure that the farmers from his/her area of work are present in the demonstration program.
  • List the issues of the farmers related to the farming and use of products and mention the same in the farmer meeting on behalf of the farmers.
  • Provide the farmers with the products they request for the use in fields at the discounted rate for the registered members.
  • Explain the benefits of the Accidental and Crop Insurance and help them in applying for the same.
  • Report the Supervisor of his/her area at regular basis and in case of any issue.

Roles of Supervisor

  • To look after the performance of the Field Officer of his/her areas.
  • To keep track of the availability of the products in the Stock Points of his/her areas.
  • Issue the Kisan Vikas Card after conforming the list of the Farmers from various regions under the given area of work.
  • Execute the training sessions at regular basis as scheduled by the field officers from his/her area of work.
  • Give live demonstrations of the products and new techniques to the farmers as scheduled by the field officers of his/her area of work.
  • Schedule farmer meetings for his/her area of work and discuss with the Manager for the tentative dates.
  • To resolve any issues / disputes (if any)
  • Report the Manager of his/her area at regular basis.

Roles of Manager

  • To look after the performance of the Supervisor of his/her areas.
  • To keep track of the availability of the products in the Stock Points of his/her areas.
  • Ensure that the training sessions and demonstrations sessions are conducted at regular basis in the areas assigned.
  • Maintain the records for the registrations of the Kisan Vikas Card.
  • Maintain the records for the distribution of products and plans various promotional strategies.
  • Conduct farmer meetings to discuss the issues with farming and the related solutions. Also, organize miscellaneous activities to promote the farmers to participate in large volume.
  • To resolve any issues / disputes (if any)
  • Report the Company Office of his/her State at regular basis.

Q] If I am a handicapped. Can I register for the vacancy?

A] No, The handicapped person cannot register for the vacancy as the work in the organization may require to move places on daily basis.

Q] Is there any relaxation in the Registration Fees according to Caste?

A] No, there is no relaxation based on Caste and there is no quota for the backward class. The recruitment procedure is same for all the people, no matter what caste they belong to and there financial status.

Q] What are the post to apply?

A] There are three post for which the candidates could register for the vacancy. The Field Officer, for which the minimum qualification required is Undergraduate with 10th or 12th pass, could register for the vacancy. The minimum qualification for the post of Supervisor and Manager is Graduate in any stream with basic computer knowledge. If they have a certificate or diploma, that would be preferred and would count as one positive point for the consideration of post.

Q] What would be the salary?

The salary structure we have at KVK Agri Products Limited is as follows.

Field Officer – Rs. 8,000 – Rs. 12,000

Supervisor – Rs. 12,000 – Rs. 18,000

Manager – Rs. 18,000 – Rs. 22,000

Detailed Salary for the candidates with all the clauses explained would be mentioned in the offer letter after the final selection of the candidate.

Q] How to apply for the examination? Where could we get the application form?

A] The registrations for the vacancies are accepted through our website online, and the registration form is available on our website . The details should be genuine and after submitting the personal details, the candidate can proceed to the next step of payment through our Payment Partner PayU Money. The successful transaction with the PayU Money redirects to the page with the Invoice Details of the Registration of candidate. The candidate could take the print out or note the details of the same. One copy is sent to the Email ID provided with the registration form and SMS alert is also sent for the same.

Q] How to pay the Registration fees?

A] The registration fees is paid online through the Payment Gateway of PayU Money. The candidate can use the option of “Guest Checkout” in which they are directly taken to the payment section without creating an account with PayU Money. On successful transaction with PayU Money, an Email is sent with the payment details to the Email ID given at the time of registration.

Q] If the process of the application is interrupted, how to resume the same?

A] The details of the candidate once submitted in the application form and the second step to make payment is interrupted by any reason then the candidate could resume the same from the registered Email ID given in the application form as a Pending Payment Link mail is sent to the Email ID immediately when the details are submitted. The candidate could click on the link and resume the procedure from where he/she left. If they didn’t receive the Email in the Inbox, the candidate is advised to check the Spam folder of the Email ID. The pending payment link Email is sent at regular basis, so that the candidate could resume the procedure at any point of time.

Q] Where do we get the registration acknowledgement?

A] The acknowledgement for the registration is sent to the registered Email ID given in the application form. The registration acknowledgement has the order ID and Payment ID mentioned, which can be used for future reference for any point of time while communicating with the support team.

Q] How will be the exams conducted and where is the examination center?

A] The examinations are conducted online and the candidate could appear for the examination from any place with a perfectly fine computer and working internet connection i.e. Home or Internet Café. This is for the convenience of the candidates that they do not need to travel miles, no long and tiring journey and hunt to reach the examination center. The candidate might be travelling on the day of examination but still they could find an Internet Café and appear for the examination. The details of the schedule of examination is sent via Text Message and Email to the registered Mobile Number and Email ID of the candidate. The examination starts on the exact time mentioned in the message, and the candidate needs to login to the Examination Portal in the given time.

Q] How many questions are there and what are the marking scheme?

A] There are 50 objective type, single choice questions asked in the examination and each questions carries one mark. The correct question is awarded one mark and for every incorrect answer, one mark is deducted from the score. No deductions are made for the questions that are left un-attempted.

Q] Is there any negative marking in the examination?

A] Yes, there is negative marking for every incorrect answer, and one mark is deducted from the total score for the same. There is no deductions for the questions that are un-attempted.

Q] What is the qualification percentage?

A] The percentage for the qualification in the Online Examination is 60% i.e. the candidates should have to score minimum of positive 30 marks out of 50 to qualify online examination. All the candidates who score 30 or more are eligible for the next round.

Q] What would be the next step for the recruitment?

A] The next round after the qualification in the online examination is for the Document Verification and Interviews. The details for the same are given to the candidates via Text Message and Email on the registered Mobile Number and Email ID. The candidates those are shortlisted in the Interviews would move to the next step, i.e. the formalities before obtaining the offer letter and followed by the training sessions.

Q] Are there any other recruitment procedure in your organizations?

A] No, A big No as there are not any such other recruitment procedure in the organization. The recruitment procedure described in the website is followed for each and every candidate, and no backdoor entries are entertained to any candidate, even if the vacancy from the region remains vacant.

Q] What do I do, if some person present himself as the member of KVK Agri Products Limited and guarantees the placement in the organization on deposition of cash?

A] Beware..! Please do not entertain any person who guarantees a placement in KVK Agri Products Limited and demands money for the same. KVK Agri Products Limited would not be responsible for the loss of money of any candidates who gets into the trap of fraudulent persons or institutions. We at KVK Agri Products Limited do not call any candidate and do not ask for any kind deposition of amount. Any such phone calls should be ignored and if possible, report about the same to the nearest police station, as these kind of fraudulent persons needs to be behind the bars.

Q] How do I start my examination?

A] The candidate could start the exam by clicking on the Start Exam Box. A Popup appears that displays the list of examination from which the candidate needs to select the examination to attempt and hit Start Now. After selecting again, a Popup appears with the confirmation message to start the examination. Once the examination paper is displayed, the candidate attempt is counted and there are only two attempts for the candidates to attempt the examination. The option of second attempt is given for those candidates whose examination is interrupted by the browser crashing or power failure.

Q] When will be the results displayed?

A] The result for the examination is displayed immediately after the candidates hit “Final Save” or if the examination gets time-out. The candidates who have missed the result link that is displayed after completing the examination do not need to worry as they can directly click on the View Results Box and find the result. The candidates can view the scorecard of the result.

Q] How can I escalate any issue. Whom do I contact?

A] If you have any issue, need not worry, as our Support team is there to help you out. The candidate could contact the support team in the manner they are comfortable with i.e. Telephonic Support, Email Support. The information of the same is given in the Contact Us page and the various departments are mentioned.

Q] Where can I download my Admit Card?

A] The Admit Card is the same as the Login details sent to the candidate via Text Message and Email. The candidate who deleted the text message or the Email can any time reset the password from the “Sign in” page. The Email sent to the registered Email ID might land in the Spam folder of the Email account. The candidates who selects the Email ID to reset the password can check the Spam folder first, before the Inbox.

Q] If I get qualified in the exam, when will be the interview schedule?

A] All the candidates who have qualified the online examination in various ranks are eligible for the next round i.e. Document Verification and Interviews, which is scheduled within the 45 days from the commencement of the examination. There might be change in schedule and the candidates will be updated about the same on the website. The candidates are notified about the Interview via Text Message and Email.

Q] Is this recruitment a permanent or contractual basis?

A] This is not a contractual basis recruitment. The candidates once get qualified gets a permanent placement in the organization. The term permanent placement does not mean that the organization could not take any disciplinary action on the employee. The rules and regulations drafted for the employee is followed for each employee in the organization.

Q] If I have already registered earlier and wants to apply for the new vacancies, how do I apply?

A] If you find the message that, the Mobile Number is already registered with us, it means that you previously have had registered for the vacancy and registered for the examination. The candidates who have had applied before and wants to apply again for the new vacancies does not need to fill the application form once more and go through the long procedure.

Now that you have to apply for the new vacancies, all you need to do is sign in to the User Panel with the login details that was previously provided to you for the examination.

After signing in with login details of the User Panel and find the ‘Registrations’ tab and click to open it. Select the post to apply for the vacancies and click Submit. The submit button takes to the Payment Confirmation page where the candidate could proceed to make the payment via our Payment Partner PayU Money.

Q] When is the Mock Test conducted and how to appear for the same?

A] Mock Test is similar in every manner with the Main Examination, and it is provided to the candidates to practice well before appearing for the main examination. The login details are the same and the date is usually one day before the final examination. The news is updated on the website for the Mock Test, and the candidate should stay updated with the recent news of the organization.

Q] What are the recommended books to study for the online exam?

A] We do not recommend any name of the books as the recommended books for the online examination. The name of the subjects are given in the Syllabus with the details of the sub-topics and the candidate could study from any books available in the market for the respective subject.

Q] How can I get to know about the recent updates on vacancies and recruitment?

A] The recent updates on the vacancies and recruitment is regularly updated on the website and the candidate could see the News Feed section of the website for all the news of the organization. In addition, there might be the advertisement for the vacancies in the Newspapers through which the candidate might come to know about the vacancies.

Q] If I forgot my password, how do I reset my password?

A] No worries, if the candidate forgets the password or accidentally deletes the Email and Text Message. Just go to the Sign in page and hit Reset the password. The candidates is asked the registered Mobile Number i.e. the Username or the registered Email ID entered at the time of registration and hit Send to receive the new password in few seconds.

Q] If I have already qualified the online examination for the post of Field Officer, and after few days I see the advertisement in the newspaper of vacancy for post of Supervisor and Manager. Can I apply for the remaining post in the next batch of Online Examination?

A] Yes, of course you could apply for the remaining post anytime as there are chances for the selection for the higher post in the organization.

Q] I have appeared for the Online Examination and got the result as ‘Fail’. Can I demand for the answer sheet of the examination?

A] No, the detailed answer sheet is not provided to any candidate in any manner. The result is given as the scorecard and the candidates should trust that the scorecard is genuine.

Q] What if the exam is interrupted by the multiple times power failure?

A] As the special case, we may consider the multiple power failures, server error in the results or any such conditions where no one is responsible for the act. In that case, the Customer Service Associate might Re-grant you the examination after inspecting the case.