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Dedicated Support Team

The concept of having a Support Team is to make the customer feel the comfort that they are in safe hands, and if anything happens, there is someone to look after them, to HELP them. Support Team is a responsibility to handle every issue of the customer, no matter how small it is, but to treat them with equal importance and resolve it as early as possible. Yes, we are HERE TO HELP.

How do we work and what is our concept to fulfill the big responsibility to support.

This is how we work...


The most important thing for any customer service associate is to understand the need of the customer. Most of the times the incorrect resolution to the customer is a result of faulty judgment and misunderstanding by the support team. Our support team acknowledges the need of the customer, understands the issues first and then come to the resolution. We believe that the customer service associate must be a good listener who listens to any type of customer keeping his / her calm and could be able to know what exactly has happened with the customer that he / she is facing trouble.


The next step is to understand the situation in which the customer is presently due to the issue he / she facing and feel exactly what the customer is feeling. This is how our support team could understand that how bad or uncomfortable the customer is feeling and to resolve the issue at the earliest to take them out of this situation.


The final step is to provide the correct resolution and before proceeding to the same, we assure to the customer that the issue will be resolved and there is nothing to worry about, as the support team will take care of it. This is how we succeed in providing the personalized experience to the every customer. We just don’t assure but also act accordingly and provide resolution without delay.

We follow the rule and treat the customer how they want to be treated.

Individuals have their own personality and style of communicating. If we treat the entire customers having different personality in same manner, they might be uncomfortable but if we treat them the way they want to be treated, according to the personality they have, then they are satisfied with the replies they get from the Customer Service Associates. Our support team understands various kind of personalities while having the conversation and then replies them according to their personality and way of communication.

Here to Help

We are here to help...!

No worries..!! The support team of KVK Agri Products Limited is with you to escalate the issue.

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Support Team : Timing are Monday – Saturday from 1000 – 1800 hours. (GMT + 5:30)